Price Matching Policy

Price Matching Policy

We will match competitors current price "apples-for-apples"

Policy includes but is not limited to the following conditions:

  • Price matching is only done while placing order.
    (Sorry, we cannot price match after the order has been placed.)
  • Competitor must be a current Motorola Solutions Channel Partner in the USA, with the corresponding Motorola Solutions logo and disclaimer depicted on their advertising.
  • No price matches with eBay or online auction houses.
    (Unfortunately many of these are wolves in sheep's clothing, sometimes offering radios not type accepted for the USA or demo units sold as new.)
  • Customer must supply one of the following:
    • current* web-address
    • advertisement or competitor quote
    • showing competitor product they wish to price match.
  • Price matching is "apples-for-apples", same Motorola product for same product with same options on both products.
    ex: If they charge for programming, we would include it in the price match. No matching on aftermarket or will-fit items.
  • Price matching is on NEW radio/accessory products only.
  • Shipping cannot be price matched.
    Shipping is based on UPS shipping from 64429 to your zipcode.
  • Radio Repair not included in "apples-for-apples" price match.

Why we price match:

The marketplace is ever changing and customers like you help us keep pace with those changes.

Do we expect you to find the products priced for less elsewhere?

No. We make every effort to have the best prices nationwide on Motorola Commercial Series products. But in the event you do find a better price, we would like the opportunity to match the price.

*Definition of CURRENT: The price on the website on the day you place your order. For print advertising it must be the price in the most recent published issue, and be able to be verified with the competitor by phone. Competitor quotes must be less than 7 days old and contain the contact name and phone number of the competitor.